Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer Once Tried To Fight Peyton Manning


Peyton Manning is a big dude, but Jay Glazer also moonlights in the MMA, so it would be an interesting brawl.

Not that the two men would fight, but during his enlightening profile written by Drew Magary at GQ, Glazer tells a story of wanting to fight the beloved Peyton Manning over a bad joke.

At the Pro Bowl in 2007, Glazer got into a shouting match with Peyton Manning after Manning made a lighthearted wisecrack to Glazer about New York Giants legend and ABC-talk-show co-host Michael Strahan’s divorce. (Glazer and Strahan are best friends.)

“I took it the wrong way,” he tells me now. “So I said, ‘FUCK YOU, PEYTON. Fuck you.’ I was just fucking screaming at him, yelling at him: ‘I’ll beat your ass. Don’t fucking treat me like a bitch, don’t talk about my friends and their fucking problems. I don’t give a shit who you are, okay? We’re fucking men. Just because you play football and I don’t does not make you any more of a man and does not mean you could beat my ass, because you cannot.’ It was pretty surreal. All of a sudden Peyton’s like, Aw, what did I get myself into?”

I can only imagine Manning’s response, and still wondered how that would have turned out.

Don’t let the calm smile Manning has fool you.

H/T Awful Announcing