Furniture Store Owes $600k To Customers In Failed SB Prediction Contest


A few people hit the furniture lottery over the weekend.

Gallery Furniture store in Houston, Texas was forced to issue $600,000 in refunds after the Super Bowl contest they ran backfired.

The commercial which ran promised customers a full refund if they spent more than  $5,000, had it delivered before the start of the first conference championship game and picked the correct Super Bowl teams. More thank 100 customers won.

Now store owner ‘Mattress Mack’ McIngvale is in the process of refunding $600,000. One of the winners splurged on $12,000 worth of furniture only to find out they wouldn’t pay a penny for it.

Mattress Mack was a trooper about the whole thing,

“We’re getting ready to give back $600,000 and it will hurt the bank account but will make those customers account happy. We’re thinking about doing it for the big game but haven’t decided yet,” 

Not quite sure why they made the contest so easy–pretty much guaranteed anyone who spent a ton of money on furniture a 50/50 chance of getting it for free, but I digress.

One thought on “Furniture Store Owes $600k To Customers In Failed SB Prediction Contest

  • Thank you for not being too harsh on us here at Gallery Furniture =) It’s true, our customers WON BIG based on our Pigskin Promotion, with over $650,000 in refunds being paid out. We’re so happy for our awesome customers! We’ve up’ed the ante and on our new Big Game Promotion, will pay out FULL refunds for the furniture and accessories our customers purchase (in excess of $6000 per order) if the team from Seattle wins the Big Game? Are we worried? Heck no! What’s good for Gallery Furniture customers is good for Gallery Furniture! If you move to Houston, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SHOP WITH US FIRST! =)

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