Gabby’s DO’S & DON’TS of Relationship With Wade: DO Let Him Off Hook & Talk Babies


Gabrielle Union

Gabby isn’t hiding and continues to give out relationship advice, even though most are tuning her out. Her latest piece was a do’s and don’ts column with Glamour Magazine.

Here was a couple of the most interesting DOs & DON’TS.

DON’T put up with a friend-versus-boyfriend tug-of-war. Some friends act possessive and say, “You’re not spending enough time with me.” Huh? Remember when we made our vision boards and the dude was in the middle? You’re supposed to be happy for me. Thankfully, my girls are like, “High-five!” And D likes to be around them too. If there’s weirdness, either something’s wrong with the friends—or the boy. Investigate. And sift accordingly.

DO let your partner off the hook. I play Words With Friends at night, and often I’ll fall asleep before I’ve had a chance to say good night. In the morning Dwyane will say, “If you’re falling asleep, say good night. I don’t like how it makes me feel when you don’t.” Then he’s like: “But we’re not going to make this a ‘thing.'” He lets me off the hook, and I do the same: Is it annoying that he refuses to put the cap back on the toothpaste? Yes. But at the end of the day, I just screw it back on myself. It’s a give-and-take.

Talking Babies Early On: Do. “If you really want a family, and the guy cringes when you bring it up, you’re not in the same place. Maybe he’ll get there, but you can’t pooh-pooh that shudder.”

Well she told you guys.


  1. This women is delusional…I wish her and way of wade, III, D wade (whatever he calls himself this week for attention) would go live up in the mountains somewhere and not bother the rest of us. This is like a High school look at us relationship. Wade and his mom better be praying for those knees to stay together cause with his lack of birth control he needs those checks.

  2. What is Gabby’s major malfunction? She is embarrassing herself. Gabby used to be a respectable actress, now she is acting like those stupid girls on basketball wives. It’s no wonder hollywood doesn’t take Gabby seriously. It’s no wonder the only work Gabby can get is a low budget show on white owned B.E.T. I told you guys Gabby was Robin Givens 2.0.

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