Gabrielle Union Allegedly Pregnant With D Wade’s Baby

Dwyane Wade Gabrielle Union

The Wade Bloodline growing quickly…..allegedly.

It isn’t unusual for women who deal with men who have cheated on them and have children with other women to want to have their own baby to secure their relationship long term.

If Wade wanted to drop Gabrielle Union today she wouldn’t be entitled to nothing (except maybe keeping the ring), but if she had his child, that is a totally different story.

It has been reported by a few places that Gabby is expecting and has stopped drinking because of it.  They are also using this video of her on Jimmy Fallon as evidence (there is a little pudge there, could just be some cake she ate).

So, take this all with a grain of salt, but considering that “rumors” about Wade and Gabby in the past have come true lately, you just never know.

Here are photos of Wade’s current baby mama.


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4 thoughts on “Gabrielle Union Allegedly Pregnant With D Wade’s Baby

  • That’s Jimmy Fallon, not Jay Leno. Understandable. All white people look alike.

    • Where did u get Jay Leno from

  • If this is true, Gabrielle Union is about to get a very nice child support check every month for the next 18 YEARS!Like I said before, D-Wade could be broke in ten years!

  • “Gabrielle Union today she wouldn’t be entitled to nothing”

    are these articles not proof read before submitted.. its basic English… sounding like these rappers with bad English.. “I ain’t got no worries” – lil wayne

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