Gabrielle Union Explains When It’s Time to Leave a Relationship


Dwyane Wade Gabrielle Union

We know the answer isn’t when your guy has a baby by another woman.

Here is what Gabby had to say courtesy of Vibe Magazine.

“If the relationship starts to feel like a job could be a sign,” she said. “A lot of times as women, we look at men as a carton of milk and we see the expiration date come and gone. It’s spoiled and now it’s curdled and it’s damn near blue cheese and we’re still like, ‘No I can’t put it on my cereal, it’s still good’, I’ll just stir it around and add some water.’ It’s done. Throw it away. It’s gonna make you sick. We just have to recognize the obvious, obvious signs.”


  1. What does Gabrielle Union know about healthy relationships? What does Gabrielle Union know about acting? Gabby does know a thing or two about screwing pro athletes and sleeping with married men.

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