Gabrielle Union: I’m Open With D-Wade About My Bathroom Habits

Dwyane Wade Gabrielle Union

As a man, I truly know that nothing confirms the seriousness of your relationship with a woman until she’s able to confidently move her bowels with you near a ear-shot of the restroom.

During an appearance on “Chelsea Lately” Tuesday night, Gabrielle Union confirmed that she’s completely open with fiancee Dwyane Wade when it comes to her bathroom habits.

There’s none of that I don’t fart, I don’t poop,” Union said of her relationship with Wade. “I have a high-fiber diet. This is happening. Like right from jump, I’m gonna be in there.”

Union also made it clear that now that her and Wade are set to be husband and wife, she’s going to really be comfortable in the bathroom.

Gabrielle has a high fiber intake, which causes her to take several poops a day.

“If I get this (flashes engagement ring) and then later I’m like, ‘Oh, by the way, I go three times a day and leave the door open. And I don’t light a match,’” Union joked.

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  • “eat, sleep, shyt, f*ck….eat, sleep, shyt, f*ck”…from Ruffneck by MC Lyte

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