Gamboa Finalizing Deal To Fight Mikey Garcia

Gamboa-50 Cent-Garcia

Yuriorkis Gamboa is an odd fighter. Yes he’s undefeated but yet he’s still underwhelming. He only fought once last year and even that fight wasn’t awe inspiring.

In fact, he’s mainly known for signing with rapper 50 Cent’s promotional company, SMS Boxing. He has yet to face world class competition and has looked shaky at times against his mid-level opponents.

This next fight will hand Gamboa his largest test as a fighter and quite possibly his first loss.

According to Boxing Scene Gamboa is close to locking up a deal to fight Mikey Garcia:

“At this very moment (the fight is) being negotiated. There is a 90 percent chance that the fight will happen in Los Angeles. But I can not confirm that or tell you if the date is true, and the reason why is because previously we thought the fight between Mikey Garcia and Gamboa was set, but then it ended up being (a fight) between Mikey and (Juan Carlos) Burgos. I can not say that there is a 100 percent chance because there is no signed document,” Suarez told Carlos Narvaez.”  – Boxing Scene’s Miguel Rivera

Garcia has real KO power as a Featherweight and Gamboa’s chin is shaky at best. This should make for a great fight in the ring and an even better one outside of it, because of 50 Cent’s huge personality as a promoter.