Ike Taylor: No Way Richard Sherman Is Top CB In NFL (Video)


Ike Taylor is the latest in a line of NFL players to give his opinion on Richard Sherman’s skills as a defensive back.

Taylor made his way to radio row to discuss the Super Bowl and Sherman with CBSSports.com’s Pete Prisco. Taylor said “Sherman can’t call himself the best corner in the game if he’s not matching up with a team’s best receiver every time on the field.”


“If you want to talk about stats, he has the best stats in three years, probably better than any corner who plays the game,” Taylor said. “If you want to talk about being the best corner, you have to match up against the best receiver every game. For years in and years out. Not just one year but pretty much for your entire career. I’ve matched up since ’05 and this is 2014. So until he can match up and play the team’s top receiver week in and week out.

“He’s a good corner … but to say he’s the best corner, you’ve got to humble yourself just a little bit by saying that.”

So now the format for the debate has changed I see.

You can’t be the best corner in football if you only play one side of the field.


One thought on “Ike Taylor: No Way Richard Sherman Is Top CB In NFL (Video)

  • True that. Ike knows what he is talking about. I’ll defer to him over Sherman. It’s cute and trendy to pretend “the Man” is just trying to keep Sherman down, calling him a thug and all but truth is, he just is not the best in the game. Top 10 but not the best.

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