Interview: Brad Smith of the Eagles Talks Football and Fashion


Brad Smith is a fit, athletic, talented NFL player with the charisma and personal style of a fashion guru. When he’s not making big plays for the Philadelphia Eagles offense, the versatile superstar can be seen interning for Men’s Health Magazine and rubbing elbows with some of the top fashion experts in the world during New York Fashion Week. So how does an NFL superstar develop such a strong passion for fashion, a world so completely opposite from football? Well I had the opportunity to speak to Brad about fashion and football and what they mean to him. Check out the full interview below.

BSO: When did you start playing football?
BS: I started playing when I was 6 years old.
BSO: At what point did you realize you were good enough to play in the NFL?
BS: I still haven’t.
BSO: The Eagles lost the first 5 out of 8 games, then went on to win the next 6 out of 7 and now have an opportunity to win your division and receive a playoff berth. What do you attribute to the turnaround in the team’s season?
BS: Everyone sticking together and believing in the plan that’s in place
BSO: The Cowboys defeated the Eagles once this year in Philadelphia. How do you all plan to make sure they don’t get the best of you again?
BS: Focus on what we need to do improve
BSO: You were previously with the Jets. Can you describe your relationship with Mark Sanchez and do you guys still keep in touch?
BS: I enjoyed playing with Mark during my years with the Jets but now I focus on my Eagles teammates so we as a team can continue to get better each game.
BSO: What are your thoughts on the Jets starting rookie Geno Smith over Mark Sanchez?
BS: When giving an opportunity in this league you want to always keep working hard to help your team win. So always be prepared when your number is called by the coaches.
BSO: Outside of football you are also passionate about fashion. Is this something you have always been interested in?
BS I’ve always been interested in the way I carry myself and the way I represent my family and the people I care about. Everything stems from there. I think fashion is a reflection of who you are and a chance to be creative.
BSODo you have a favorite designer or clothing line?
BS: Naming one is hard. I have many that I like.
BSO: Have you found it difficult to manage Brad Smith the NFL star and Brad Smith the fashionisto?
BS: I’m just being me so it’s not hard being me.
BSO: Describe your Design For Brad Contest?
BS: The contest is for emerging designers. They’ll have to submit a sketch based off pre-selected fabric swatches I chose, and include a one-minute video about themselves. There is a celebrity judging panel, along with myself – and we’re going to pick the winnerand produce the look. We’re flying the winner in, all expenses paid, introduce them around, arrange for media exposure, and they get to hang out with me, go to a fashion week show, etc. But there’s a lot more too it than that. That was just my quick version. Designers should go to the website for all the rules and details.
BSO: What made you want to showcase the talents of somebody who might not be as well known as other fashon gurus?
BS: I really believe that some people just need an opportunity to showcase their talent –because there are many talented and creative people out there. I’m hoping this competition can give someone the boost they need and deserve, and help change their life.
BSO: What are your top three style tips for men?
BS: Be yourself and wear what makes you happy. Don’t wear it just because it’s popular or someone else is wearing it. Make sure it fits properly.

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