J.R. Smith Says He’s Gotten Over Knicks Cutting His Brother

NY Knicks practice

I think J.R. Smith has learned that it’s okay to be in your feelings sometimes, you just need to get over it.

Smith won’t admit, but he was pissed off when the New York Knicks waived his younger brother Chris Smith.   The elder Smith took to Instagram to vent.

Smith now seems ready to talk, and told the New York Post that “he wasn’t happy, but he’s over the Knicks releasing his younger brother.”

“I wasn’t happy, but I couldn’t do nothing about it,” J.R. Smith said Thursday.

Smith and the Knicks came under fire this summer when it was apparant that the Knicks had to re-sign Chris Smith in order to re-sign J.R. as well.

The Knicks gave the younger Smith an extremely unusual guaranteed deal of $2 million for two minutes of play.  When asked about it, J.R. admitted he was extremely protective, but he’s over it now.

“My protection and defense for him never changed ever since we were kids growing up, it’s not going to change now,” Smith said. “He’s made it this far without me. I don’t think he needs me to hold his hand.”

“I’m not worried about Instagram,” J.R. said before the Knicks faced the Spurs in San Antonio. “I got to play the Spurs tonight and that’s my main focus.

“I’m not worried about it now. It’s my brother’s problem now. I’m over it. I’m fine with everybody. I have no problems with nobody.”