Jameis Winston Has Message For Everyone Criticizing His Speech


jameis crystal ball

Jameis Winston doesn’t care what the people have to say about the way that he talks. After all the controversy about his post game speech last night, he took to Twitter to send a special message to the “haters”:

jameis hi haters

In a way he is 100% right. Last night belonged to him and his teammates and if you care so much about how he spoke after a great game, then perhaps he is not the problem.


  1. Jameis Winston has a black southern drawl, AJ McCarron has a white southern drawl which kid sounds smarter? To me, this is not about who sounds smarter, this is about a middle aged woman picking on a kid on social media because she is mad her kid did not win the Heisman.

  2. Here is a quote from Dr. Boyce Watkins: “The wealth extraction from the black community by the NCAA easily exceeds one billion dollars.”

    In addition to the fact that BCS executives like John Junker made millions of dollars plus free luxurious, private country club memberships is proof that college sports is a monumental scam similar to what Bernard Madeoff constructed!

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