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Jameis Winston’s Legendary Moment Derailed by Post Game Speech Talk

by Greg Smith | Posted on Tuesday, January 7th, 2014
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jameis crystal ball

Last night Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston led his team to a comeback victory over the Auburn Tigers in the Rose Bowl. His statline wasn’t anything spectacular as he went 20 for 35 passing for 237 yards and 2 TDs.

When the pressure was the greatest though, Winston shined bright going 6/7 for 77 yards and threw the game winning TD to Kelvin Benjamin.

That should be the story. Today we should be celebrating a Heisman winner who brought his team back and bucked a trend of disappointing Heisman performances by a QB in the title game. Instead we are talking about this:

dee hater tweet

Unfortunately Dee Dee was not alone in this line of thinking but her words do strike a particular chord. Her choice of words are all too familiar to people of color who are not “speaking properly.” And if you are going to make the argument that her words are harmless,then answer me a simple question: why did she delete the tweet?

For what it’s worth Dee Dee didn’t have anything to say publicly when this speech was given by her son’s teammate:

Is that because it was a teammate of her son AJ or because we didn’t catch her? If the same thing was said about her son, how would she react?

But wait, here is her son sounding not so eloquent himself:

To her credit Dee Dee did “apologize if she offended anyone” and is “far from  racist.” It’s funny though, she didn’t apologize for calling the kid stupid but don’t you call her a racist! I bet she has a black friend too. Look. it is one thing to make jokes about him being nervous or sounding like a young Ray Lewis but what she said crossed the line.

As always I hope we can keep moving beyond these types of situations but yet again I’m reminded of how far we have to go.

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  1. BX2DaDeath says:

    Any one who knows?
    If anyone was offended?
    Where is the sincere apology?

  2. BX2DaDeath says:

    Just like the other Alabama mom.
    The fighting broad.

  3. Power 2 Tha People says:

    Why can’t people be happy for the greatest freshman athlete arguably in college sports history? Wait he’s black let’s do something or say something to degrade him to make it feel he’s less. While white people will just title guys like Andrew Luck the greatest QB before he steps foot in the NFL. Why? Because white people want to always seem they’re better and entitled to everything. It’s called “WHITE SUPREMACY”. Directly from the laws of Willie Lynch though they deny it, it’s embedded in they’re blood lines. Smh

    • Just A Sports Fan says:

      @Power 2 Tha People

      I’ll agree she was ignorant and her words reveal an underlying racist tone, particularly in her faux-apology, but your comment was arguably more racist.

      The issue of one’s race (a social construct, not a biological reality) is not an end-all in determining one’s intrinsic values, aptitudes, beliefs, or their actions. I’m sure if we delved into your personal racial history, it would be more complex than the “Us vs. Them” false dichotomy in which you try to frame it.

      When I come across people talking about “bloodlines” and homogenous reductions of populations, I get frustrated, because it’s an inaccurate representation of reality that is being pushed by hatemongers to reinforce the status quo, usually for their own self-interest.

      Let’s just agree Winston was clutch in the biggest game of his life and AN INDIVIDUAL (not an entire segment of society) tweeted something with racist undertones.

  4. Anon says:

    jameis has a thick southern dialect . He’s from Alabama. No AJ McCarron’s diction is nothing like Winston and Aj is from ‘bama as well.
    To hear Winston is funny and irritating at the same time because you know he doesn’t know any better.
    I don’t think McCarron’s mom was being racist. Yes, it’s a stereotype that black athletes can’t speak English but guys like Winston validate that stereotype.
    If Obama spoke like Jameis, he wouldn’t gotten elected not whites.

  5. Deon says:

    @Anon George W. Bush and Bill Clinton has a strong southern accents they became president. Jameis Winston is 20 years old he’s going to adjust. Shaq was the worse at interviews when he first got to the NBA now it’s night and day compared to rookie season. Like any athlete give him so time.

  6. ignacio says:

    Yes “we do have a long way to go,” but not for the reasons you imply. We have a long way to go bc people throw around the racist tag whenever someone criticizes someone of another race. When we learn to stop thinking like that, then we’ll have gotten where we need to go. A quick look at her twitter would reveal he live for all people, including calling tre mason from auburn like a son before any if this. No one thinks twice when a person of the same color criticizes someone of the same color, but oh lawd, if the colors don’t match up, they must be racist…no idiot, they just have an opinion different than yours. In this case, dude can’t speak proper English, which is a fact, one that she observed. I doubt seriously she’d shall you racist if you said duck dynasty people can’t speak English…bc they can’t. Im Puerto Rican, but I grew up here, so when I go to when my home they tell me my Spanish sucks, they not racist, they stating a fact just like this woman… Es por eso ke tienes ke callate la boca…salu2

  7. blue says:

    Of course she was being racist. Winston is from Alabama just like her and he speaks like many Alabamians. So why is his speech so alarming? Because she and her prefect family are sitting at home, not in California where they ‘belong’.

  8. nba is fixed says:

    I want my fellow brothers and sistas to remember this: Florida State made over $100 million dollars off of Jameis Winston and the rest of the black athletes. Florida State University is a public school under the jurisdiction of the state of Florida. The State of Florida acquitted the murderer of Trayvon Martin. Also please don’t forget about Jordan Davis and Marissa Alexander. They love us when we are making money for them, but at the same time, they’re murdering our sons and daughters! Why do our best athletes continue to go to these schools?

  9. Power 2 Tha People says:

    Don’t forget about Martin Lee Anderson murder witch occurred in the state of Florida 5 years before Travolta Martin’s murder.

  10. KarmaKat says:

    Thank you Dee Dee Kent McCarron Bonner McCarron (back to previous married name because NFL) for showing the world your ugly bitterness & disgusting hypocrisy. She may not be *racist but she is infamous for attacking people on Twitter who even constructively & professionally critique AJ. (*tweets about Jameis sent by her nephew & favorited by other son Corey & Katherine show how much they hate him.)

    She promotes herself as a charitable soul who loves children yet has never, not once, tried to promote the efforts to find her brother Dustin Kent’s niece, Brittney Wood – even before he was arrested the first time. Brittney disappeared almost two years ago from his neighborhood.

    Dee Dee and her family knew Brittney (obviously) but has never even so much as sent a RT about her. Nor has she spoken out against her brother’s multiple charges of r@pe & inc3st of multiple children under 12 (large family ped0 ring). She has never distanced herself from her parents who housed him & are likely the “mysterious” benefactor paying for his very expensive private attorney… unless the longterm coverup goes into even deeper pockets.

    A note to Dee Dee (albeit unlikely you’d ever read here) – your brother Dustin goes back to court again in Baldwin County on Friday for five of his numerous indictments, correct? Here’s hoping that karma bus keeps on rolling through the charges in Mobile County!

    I also hope you find some of that integrity you always preach about and finally try to do some good for the child victims in your own family. MCSO & KlaasKIDS are still looking for Brittney’s body in Dustin’s old neighborhood – your dad still owns the trailer, right? Maybe you can use that as an opportunity to finally contribute.

  11. Mayo says:

    Man up north we clown southerners all the time, black white or whatever. I don’t see how its racist when a white person does it. Was she out of line, yes, but her tweet is no worst than some of the things that I read you yourself say Littal. Racism is still an issue, but this is not one of them.

  12. nba is fixed says:

    Here is a quote from Dr. Boyce Watkins: “The wealth extraction from the black community by the NCAA easily exceeds one billion dollars.”

    In addition to the fact that BCS executives like John Junker made millions of dollars plus free luxurious, private country club memberships is proof that college sports is a monumental scam similar to what Bernard Madeoff constructed!

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