James Harden’s Latest Stripper GF Maliah Michel (Photos & Twerk Videos)


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As long as The Beard isn’t Dwading and wrapping up so he doesn’t catch anything he can’t get rid of with a shot, I say more power to him.

Maliah has dating Drake and others rappers/athletes in the past, so really no big deal, as my friend Jill Munroe says “athletes love a referral” and I sure Harden will have another lady next week I can show you photos and videos of.

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Rumble, Young Beard, Rumble….

As far as the rumors Harden blew $100k to get her, I highly doubt it took that much.

Oh and this is for my bros…

3 thoughts on “James Harden’s Latest Stripper GF Maliah Michel (Photos & Twerk Videos)

  • Bottom of the barrell hoes like this chick is the reason why so many rich professional black athletes go broke. Most of these black athletes won’t learn until they lose all of their money like Antoine Walker; then it’s too late! Tricking off hoes will leave you broke, then the hoe moves on to the next SUCKER!

  • She’s got a phat Azz……….

  • Paying $100,000 dollars for a stripper hoe is like paying $100 dollars to eat spam. Most of those hoes have bad hygiene and they smell like spam. Terrible decision!

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