Jeff Pearlman Calls Erin Andrews “Kim Kardashian Of Televised Sports”

Richard Sherman Erin Andrews


Jeff Pearlman wasn’t pleased with how Erin Andrews handled a rowdy Richard Sherman after Sunday night’s NFC Championship game.

The sports writer went back and reviewed the FOX Sideline reporter’s response to Sherman, and upon second watch he concluded:

“She did not know what to do or what to say or how to respond,” he said. “Someone in the control booth clearly told her to send things away from Sherman — and she did. In short, she wasn’t to be trusted with the situation, and FOX’s heads knew it.”

He even went so far to call her a “deer in headlights”, Pearlman then added,

“Erin Andrews has done nothing wrong. She was born pretty, she was a college athlete, she speaks well and she likes sports,” Pearlman said. “If someone wants to pay her huge amounts of money for that, well, so be it. She’s the Kardashian of televised sports — and being a Kardashian has worked out pretty well for the actual Kardashians. The problem comes when something like the Richard Sherman situation arises, and FOX’s sideline star looks overwhelmed and out of her league and lost.”

While many have taken opposite sides on Sherman’s part, it’s been widely agreed that Andrews did a wonderful job dealing with Sherman.

Sour grapes by Pearlman or does he make a bigger statement about her not being capable of dealing with spontaneous moments like the Sherman incident. Why he felt it necessary to hone in on her good looks in very suspect.

You be the judge.

3 thoughts on “Jeff Pearlman Calls Erin Andrews “Kim Kardashian Of Televised Sports”

  • I totally agree with Jeff Pearlman. If Stuart Scott, Michael Strahan or Dan Patrick would have been on the sideline they would’ve help Richard Sherman on his case and would have stayed longer to let the audience get a deeper understanding of emotions and excitement during that point. Erin Andrews was scared and lost one of the most purest moments in NFL history. It would’ve be like Howard Cosell ending the interview after Ali knocked out Sonny Liston.

  • Sounds to me like he is saying they should have known better than to send the pretty little white girl in to interview the wild, raging black man.

  • Well Erin Andrews didn’t do a porn movie that was shot out of focus, but she became famous for a pervert spying on her while she was naked. Out of all the female reporters, at least Erin acts like she knows what she is doing. Emphasis on the word act!

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