Jerry Rice Thinks Crabtree, Sherman Rilvary Comparison to his Sanders Rivalry Crazy

Jerry Rice Doesn't Think Crabtree Sherman Rivalry is Big

Lesson on how to push Jerry Rice’s buttons: Mistake one, Harbaugh saying Crabtree is the “greatest pass catcher of all-time.” Mistake two, claiming Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders rivalry isn’t as big as Crabtree and Sherman. Jerry Rice isn’t too happy about that:

Crabtree versus Richard Sherman? Come on man, that is not even close,” Rice said. The NFL’s greatest wide receiver said Sanders provided the ultimate competition. “Whenever I had to go up against Deion, I could not sleep,” Rice said. “We talk about this now, and Deion, the same, he could not sleep, because we knew the magnitude of that rivalry and we wanted to go out there and play our best football. It was a mano-a-mano against each other. I respected him.” Rice said the rivalry between the young players needs time to grow to even be in the conversation. “Richard Sherman is a good defensive back,” Rice said. “Crabtree is an upcoming receiver. He is doing well. Let those guys build a reputation first. “I’m one of those guys, you never want to be compared. Give these guys an opportunity to earn that reputation. Just don’t give it to them because they are still in the early part of their career. And hopefully they can be a great matchup in the future.”


I agree, you cannot compare Sherman vs. Crabtree with Rice vs. Sanders. One rivalry is building up, while the other is iconic. Could they work to that point, I personally don’t think so. But, could the Sherman vs. Crabtree be a top rivalry, possibly.