Jim Harbaugh Would Give A Finger To Play In NFC Championship



Yeah, he’s still a gamer, alright.

Jim Harbaugh spoke candidly about his excitement for Sunday’s NFC Championship game vs the Seahawks. Harbaugh is so hyped for the game that he’s longing for his playing days again.

In a Wednesday presser Harbaugh was his normal crazy/jovial self, via San Jose Mercury News

Would you trade your house (to play in this game)?

“Oh, easy, yeah. I thought you were going to make it tough like a body part. Could I do without my left arm or one eye?  I was kind of going to those extremes.”

Would you go Ronnie Lott and trade a finger?

“Oh, easy. That would be an easy decision, yeah. Could I play with just one eye? It was that kind of thing.”

For some reason, I really think Harbaugh was being all too literal. However, if given the option between choosing his $8 Wal-Mart pants and playing in the Championship game, I think he’d pick the pants.