Jim Ross Close to Deal with Fox Sports

jim ross fox sports

We’ve all enjoyed the Jim Ross dubbed over vines & vids after any big sports play. Whether it was Jadaveon Clowney decapitating a Michigan player or the LeBron ‘Damn near killed em’ call after dunking on Jason Terry, Jim Ross has made our sports replays just that much better.

Now Ross is in talks with Fox Sports to bring his talents to their channel. Here’s what Ross had to say abut the negotiations:

Fox has some potentially, amazing creative ideas for me of which I hope that we get to collaborate on sooner than later. Fox provides an amazing platform for creative work and for the many projects that I am working on during the most unretired time of my life.

He makes it clear that the deal is not yet final, so fans will have to temper their excitement.

I have not yet signed with Fox but we are obviously close and are hopeful that we can finalize the contract next week.

If Chris Berman can still do a highlight segment every Sunday then there’s a place for Jim Ross on a sports network.