Joe Montana: “Kaepernick Has To Be More Accurate In The Pocket”


Joe Montana has a message for Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick is on the brink of leading the 49ers to back-to-back Super Bowls.  Kaepernick-mania is all the rage in the Bay Area, but the G.O.A.T isn’t nearly as impressed.

Joe Montana told USA Today that Kaepernick needs to get better as a pocket passer before he can take the next step.

“I like his mobility and that he’s getting the ball downfield,” Montana told USA TODAY Sports in a wide-ranging interview. “But sometimes, he needs to be more accurate in the pocket with pressure.

“Kaepernick still needs to get better at that,” Montana said. “He’ll look and then he’s off and running. I still think the thing is the pocket and making those tight throws from the pocket.”

When he mentions tight throws, Montana is referring to the accuracy to fit passes into small windows.

“He’ll make some,” Montana said of Kaepernick, “but a lot of times guys are wide open, and he misses them.”

“The game is changing. Nobody wants to throw with pressure anymore. But the guys who can win in this league are the ones who can make throws from the pocket.”

It’s a pretty good observation from Montana, and he expressed himself without sounding like a hater.


4 thoughts on “Joe Montana: “Kaepernick Has To Be More Accurate In The Pocket”

  • Sounds to me like Joe Montana hatin on the young brotha. This was not constructive criticism at all, more like he won’t be as good because on aspect of his game.

    • Where’d you learn to read, clown, there was nothing envious about it? Negros use that dumb-ass term ‘hatin’ too much.

  • Are you kidding me youngblood? You must be young are completely ignorant of NFL Football history. Joe Montana is considered the GOAT for Quarterbacks chief and he has 4 superbowl rings. I repeat 4. He’s been there and done it and he is giving very constructive criticism. he’s not hating at all as you say. he doesn’t have to hate. he’s been there 4 times. Kap is trying to get to where Montana has already been. Think about that for a minute bro before you start accusing someone of hatin.

    • Agreed. When Joe Montana speaks. Kap needs to listen. He has an opportunity to be the next big time QB in San Fran.

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