John Elway: Peyton Manning Doesn’t Get Enough Credit


John Elway is tired of critics and pundits ripping his quarterback.

Elway told the New York Daily News that when people compare Manning and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, they talk like Manning has never won a big game, the way Brady has, and forget that Manning has a  Super Bowl ring on his finger and a Super Bowl MVP award as well.

“He’s won a Super Bowl. For some reason he doesn’t seem to get the credit for having won one Super Bowl already,” Elway told the New Daily News. “I think maybe the comparison is Tom going to five and Peyton having been to two and winning one, that may be it.”

Elway can speak from first hand experience about the criticism quarterbacks get when they don’t win championships.  Elway was crushed by the media and fans for years before he won his first Super Bowl.

“Fair or not, that’s the way it is,” Elway said. “As a quarterback, especially the level you’re at with Peyton, that’s what they are going to look at. If we can win a championship this year, it’s going to help with Peyton’s legacy. Even if we don’t, I think the year that he’s had this year is going to still help with his legacy. He’s had a tremendous year. For some reason, Peyton is not getting the credit — he’s been there twice and he got one. You get to the point where Peyton is, the greatness that he’s had, there is always someone trying to put chinks in the armor and that’s what they go after.”

If Peyton Manning can win another ring, he’ll have ring protection for life.