John Wall: “Wizards Aren’t Playing The Right Way”


The Wizards have some key pieces that might allow them to sneak into the playoffs, but there’s always something missing with the ball club.

The teams point guard and franchise player, John Wall, has grown visibly frustrated.   The Wizards have lost five of their past seven games and would be the sixth seed if the playoffs were to begin today.

Wall, who signed a five-year, $80 million contract extension this summer, told USA Today that the Wizards simply are not playing the right way at this point in time.

“We’ve just got to find a way to be consistent,” Wall said. “That’s the one thing you’ve got to be is consistent, and if you lose games, being consistent and playing the right way that your team wants to play, you can deal with that. But when you’re not playing the right way and not being consistent, that makes it more frustrating.”

“You can take a couple of losses if you’re playing hard and playing consistent,” Wall said Monday after the Wizards’ shoot-around at the United Center. “But for some reason, at home, we haven’t been doing that. Some nights, you’re going to miss shots, and that’s when your defense has to step up.”