Jonathan Martin Fondling Two Strippers At Strip Club (Photo)

jonathan martin strip club

This photo obtained by TMZ is allegedly from this past summer at one of he now infamous meetings that Richie Incognito is said to have had at Miami strip club Tootsie’s. From the looks of it, Martin appears to be enjoying himself on this occasion but I suppose he could be faking. From the report:

But sources connected to the NFL investigation tell TMZ Sports … Martin had sent several text messages to Richie before the fallout making it clear he was VERY comfortable hanging out in strip clubs.

In fact, we’re told the picture (above) was taken at Tootsie’s during a team outing in the summer of 2013. Sources connected to the strip club tell us Martin was hanging out with roughly 15 to 30 teammates that night and appeared to be enjoying himself (just look at the grin and the stack of cash in his hand).

We’re also told … the text messages show Martin would OFTEN reach out to Incognito about his fondness for strip clubs, especially Tootsie’s … and never gave any hint that he was ever uncomfortable in that scene.

I’m not judging Martin for having a good time at the club but the issue is whether or not he was forced to go or made to feel uncomfortable. I think most of us would sign up to be “bullied” at Tootsie’s.

You be the judge.

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  • That picture will haunt the Stanford graduate for the rest of his life. If you’re a celebrity, two things you don’t do. One buy hookers off the street (Remember Eugene Robinson). Two, go to strip clubs. If you must do freaky things with dirty women, go to a person’s house and make sure you don’t get photographed!

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