Josh Smith Says Pistons Should Share The Ball More


I’m waiting for the laughter from our readers any second now.

Smith, who is known as a volume shooter in NBA circles, called his Pistons teammates out for not sharing the ball “more,” and being selfish with the rock.

“We’re still new to each other. It’s not gonna happen overnight or in 40 games,” Josh Smith said after the Pistons’ 112-103 loss to the Los Angeles ClippersMonday at The Palace.

“We have to figure out what we’re doing right in the games that we’re winning and try as much as possible to mimic those successful moments.”

“We’re very unselfish when we win,” Smith said. “Guys are helping each other out on defense, not caring if their man scores, just stopping the initial play. When we lose, it’s the total opposite — the ball is sticking and too much individual plays besides playing together.”

The Pistons are 8-3 when Josh Smith scores over 20 points in a game.

So Smith is basically saying that the Pistons should pass him the ball more, right?