Kam Chancellor Removes Vernon Davis’ Soul From His Body (Video)

Kam Chancellor

Only thing missing is the Undertaker music.

Kam Chancellor Jacks Up Vernon Davis

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5 thoughts on “Kam Chancellor Removes Vernon Davis’ Soul From His Body (Video)

  • Yet another horrible call. Obviously a catch.

  • It was only about a 4 yard gain after the fumble recovery and wouldn’t have given them a first down. So it was a bad call but hardly significant.

  • Actually, it was at least a 5 yard gain (ball was on the 20 and he’s clearly over the 25) which not only would have changed the 3rd down play drastically but would have overcome the next terrible call: running into the kicker.

    So it was actually one of the most significant (of many) bad calls.

  • Yes it was a catch and after that a fumble that was picked up by the Seahawks and ran towards the endzone with no one to stop them, But it was blown dead. So the bad call was in the favor of SF as Seattle clearly recovered it and would have scored. So the game should not have been as close as the score indicates and the last minute drive would have been like New Orleans last drive. But ended with the Hawks getting the ball on the pick…game over…the hawks had 2 fumbles taken away on bogus calls, so stfu and stop whining. You wonder why you have the moniker the 4owhiners.

  • Bam Bam is the man. VD must have nightmares about Kam…& he must wonder what he did to deserve being decleated at least once every time they play the Hawks.

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