Kevin Durant Taking a “Break” From Fiancee Monica Wright

Kevin durant Monica Wright 2

No DWading…KD…Please no DWading…

Jocks and Stiletto Jill breaks down how there might be some trouble in paradise for Durant and his WNBA fiancee Monica Wright.

Short version is she came home from playing overseas, isn’t wearing her engagement ring and KD been partying without her on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.    That has lead to some creepy instagram messages.


My advice to KD is if he isn’t ready, he isn’t ready. Don’t force it.

2 thoughts on “Kevin Durant Taking a “Break” From Fiancee Monica Wright

  • First off your an idiot. You should have consulted with a female before you wrote this dumb stuff. She’s not wearing the ring but you think he’s taking a break from her? Funny, he was getting a break she was overseas playing ball. Sounds like he didn’t take his engagement seriously. Why else would she leave a commitment (playing overseas) she had. As far as him partying couldn’t you tell in his pictures that he smile was fake! Stop trying to play the bro code and and twist things around. I don’t know either one of them and it was obvious to me.

    • You’re an idiot. How is this so damn obvious to you when you dont even know the two people besides on a when they show up on TV basis?

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