Kevin Garnett Calls This Season Most Frustrating Of His Career


I wonder if in hindsight, Kevin Garnett would rather be running on the beach, or just chilling sipping lemonade outside his mansion in Malibu.

The 19 year veteran of the NBA seems lost on a talented, but underachieving Brooklyn Nets team that was supposed to contend for a championship.

Garnett has had a decline in every major category since last season, and finally on Wednesday, spoke about the frustrations that he and his teammates are feeling. 

“Nobody likes to lose. I’m not a loser. But I show up every day and I try to be a professional and give everything I have,” said Garnett, who is averaging a career-low 21.5 minutes. “You put Father Time on top of that. It doesn’t help anything else. And knick knacks and injuries and stuff like that and guys going out. It’s just a frustrating time.

“But you know what? I’ve been through some harder times than this. I have a lot confidence that I’ll come out of this, and we’ll come out of this with some decency.”

Garnett is averaging 6.5 points a game, on 36% shooting.  He reiterated that he was simply supposed to be a role player on a really good team, but acknowledged that he now needs to step his play up.

“Honestly, I have no rhythm. I’m trying to establish some confidence and figure this whole, ‘Where I fit into the offense’ thing,” he said. “Right now I’m just not even a priority. I’m trying to be more of a defensive-minded guy. … So I probably need to be a lot more aggressive. Right now my mental is more defensive right now than offense.”