Knicks Trying to Trade JR Smith


Good luck with that.  Ian Begley breaks down what the Knicks are thinking.

While they realize it may be difficult to pursue, the New York Knicks have begun to explore the potential trade market for guard J.R. Smith in recent days, has learned.

Sources close to the situation said Wednesday that the organization has become increasingly frustrated with Smith’s on and off-court transgressions and increasingly feel that a fresh start might be best for all parties.

I don’t blame JR Smith for anything, the Knicks knew exactly what type of player and person he was and decided to pay him big money anyway.

They were bidding against themselves and still overpaid.  Now, Mike Woodson and the rest of the Knicks brass are starting to regret it.

Knicks coach Mike Woodson hinted at that frustration Wednesday when he called Smith’s conduct “unacceptable” in an interview.

“I’m not happy about this (the shoe untying), because he was warned, he comes back and he makes the same mistake, and it’s not right,” Woodson said. “It’s just got to stop. I keep saying this every time something pops up, but it’s got to stop.”

The coach later added that Smith has been “unprofessional about how he’s approached this whole thing. Something’s gotta be done. It has to stop. I’ll address it tomorrow when I see him, and then we’ll go from there.”

We will see if they can find a sucker to take Smith off their hands.

5 thoughts on “Knicks Trying to Trade JR Smith

  • There is no market for JR Smith UNLESS you package Smith with Shumpert or Hardaway. This Knick team has no 2014 #1 and no #1 in 2016. Same goes for Stoudemare.

    Boy do Knicks miss David Lee, who is having an absolutely great year & is a major reason for Golden States success.

    Somebody tried to tell me that their guard Curry and his 44% FG % was the reason….carefully ignoring Lee’s 53% FG %.

    Most recent game for David Lee 10/12 from the field and 18 rbs. Dolan & his minions will never live down leeting David Lee and Zach Randolph

    • I agree! I don’t know what was on their mind getting rid of David Lee. At the time he was playing the best on the team. Should’ve kept Randolph too.

  • This Knicks team is just an absolute mess! It’s almost like they need to start over. If I’m sitting at home watching the games and read from time to time online about the nba then why do I know that you can’t just put names on an nba roster and expect it to be a team. If I know that then why why why do you still see teams do this year after year. When you see teams like GS, SA, Miami, and OKC ( and there’s others) putting together a team year after year. You can’t just put big name players together on a roster and expect them to play together as a team. I really feel bad for Mike Woodson because in the end he’s going to be the person that takes the blame for this NYK team.

  • While we all learned to love Smith we know it may be time to let him go!!!! Houston has someone they can trade off!!!
    bring back the D- fence!!!

  • Coach needs to start looking at himself by still calling them mistakes. If it’s done over and over after being warned and fined it’s not a mistake. It’s more like a “F” you.

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