Kobe Says He’s Returning Even if Lakers Continue to Stink



Kobe Bryant eats, breathes, and sleeps basketball so I wouldn’t expect him to sit out if he was capable of being on the floor.

The Los Angeles Lakers guard’s return to the court from the Achilles injury he suffered last season, was short lived as he proceeded to fracture a bone in his knee a few games after.

But according to a story courtesy Pro Basketball Talk via Jessica Camerato of Basketball Insiders, Kobe has every intention of returning to action this season even though the Lakers have been horrid.

Regardless of how many losses overshadow those in the win column, Bryant is determined to return this season from a fractured left knee injury. Sitting out the remainder of the year is not a consideration for him.

“The only thing I can consider, the only thing I can afford to consider, is getting better and getting strong,” he said prior to the Los Angeles Lakers game against the Boston Celtics at TD Garden. “I can’t allow myself to think any other way. I can only think about the next day. To do anything else becomes distracting. You give yourself wiggle room to not push yourself as hard as you possibly can. If I think that I’m going to sit out or this that and the other, then the motivation is gone. I refuse to have that happen.”

Well at least Lakers fans have something to look forward to now.