Lakers Fans Caught Having Sex in VIP Bathroom

staples center

I guess the Lakers couldn’t score enough on Sunday against the Nuggets so a couple of fans took matters into their own hands. According to an eyewitness report given to Radar Online, a couple decided it was time to break in the Staples Center VIP bathroom:

The Los Angeles Lakers couldn’t score enough points to defeat the Denver Nuggets on the court Sunday night, but one couple SCORED off the court, has learned.

The frisky pair caused a major incident for security at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles when they were caught mid-consummation in the VIP bathroom on the suite level of the stadium.

“Staples Center security and a uniform police officer had them surrounded and were talking to them outside the bathroom. The couple didn’t even look embarrassed.”

I guess they also weren’t even trying to hide it and were pretty loud. At least someone inside of Staples had a smile on their face since the couple is said to have been smiling about it when they got caught.

No wonder Pau Gasol doesn’t want to be traded if this is what goes down.

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  • The next time this happens, the bathroom attendant should record it and post it on

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