Lakers Still Trying to Trade for Andrew Bynum

Andrew Bynum Playing Through Pain In Knee.

When word spread that the Lakers were trying to reacquire Andrew Bynum the first question everyone asked is why?

Here is the reason.

The Lakers, meanwhile, remained firm Tuesday in their insistence on acquiring additional assets from the Cavaliers in addition to Bynum’s cap-friendly contract in exchange for the four-time All-Star from Spain.

Although a swap sending Gasol to Cleveland and reacquiring Bynum — with the intent of releasing him by Jan. 7 when the second half of Bynum’s $12.25 million salary becomes guaranteed — could save the Lakers in excess of $20 million in salary and luxury-tax obligations at season’s end.

The Lakers aren’t going to make the playoffs, they aren’t a very good team and it would be wise to create as much cap space as possible. Also, putting themselves in position for a high lottery pick would be advisable as well.

The trade is still unlikely, but at least you know why it could be happening.