LaLa Says Melo Doesn’t Have Pass to Cheat; Talks Honey Nut Cheerios

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Lala has a book that just came out, so she is on a press tour.

She already mentioned that she believes Melo will stay in New York and in her books she speaks on the Infamous Honey Nut Cheerios incident of last year when Carmelo confronted KG in the parking lot over some trash talk.

Here are her quotes courtesy of New York Post.

“I wasn’t ever going to bring up the Honey Nut Cheerios incident again. But since I’m writing this book, I might as well set the record straight for good,’’ La La writes. “Kevin Garnett in fact had never said that I tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios. I tried to figure out how this big lie was turned into a media firestorm. I still can’t answer that one…Melo and Kevin are cool today. And now it’s nothing but a faint memory.’’

“I did notice during the game Melo and Kevin were jawing a lot at each other,’’ she writes. “But that’s basketball, the heat of the game. I really didn’t think anything of it. But when Melo went to have words with him, I knew it had to be more than an in-game beef.

“I asked Melo about it and all he said was that Kevin said things you shouldn’t stay to a person you have a friendship with or respect for. [Melo] told him I’m not some rookie. We’ve been in this league a while together so don’t treat me the way you’d treat a rookie. I’m sure the words were a little stronger than that but that was the gist of what Melo said back to Kevin.’’

If Carmelo has never told Lala what KG said, we may never know if the words Honey Nut Cheerios were ever uttered.

When it comes to cheating, LaLa doesn’t allow that.

La La also takes issue with the wife of Nets forward Andrei Kirilenko, who once was quoted as saying she “allows her husband one night a year to do whatever he wants with whomever he wants.’’

“By letting your man have ‘a free pass,’” La La writes, “you’re opening the floodgates.’’

I am just going to leave that right there. Her book “The Love Playbook” is in stores now.

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  • If those are direct quotes from the book, perhaps she needs to consider employing a ghost writer for the next one.

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