Latest Forecast Predicts 30% Chance Of Snow During Super Bowl

2014 Superbowl


The word ‘snow’ seems to make everyone’s skin crawl these days, with the very real possibility that it could lead to the Super Bowl being postponed.

The first totally cold weather Super Bowl has a lot of folks tense due to the weather. The latest forecasts have been released and it’s far from what would be considered ‘ideal’ temps. A high of 36 degrees, with a 30% chance of snow on February 2.

By the time of kickoff snow showers are possible, and come nighttime temps are expected to plunge into the 20s. If there is one saving grace in all this, it’s that wind has not been projected to be a factor.

As it stands now, we are 10 days away from the big game, so one has to take everything with a grain of salt but always be prepared for the ‘what if’. The Super Bowl committee has been planning well in advance on how to proceed in case of a huge storm hitting the metro area, sadly so far it looks like the solution will be to change the date.

If a blizzard is avoided, then we can all look forward to a game played in reasonable elements–ala Eagles vs Lions of this regular season.

Positive and warm thinking.

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  • Blame Roger Goodell and the owners. They wanted the Super Bowl in New York! Right now the temperature in New York is 19 degrees!

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