LeBron: I Get Jealous Over How Much Kevin Durant Shoots


I’m not sure if this is a shot at Durant, or LeBron just expressing how totally efficient a player he truly is.

LeBron James has the rings and the MVP’s, but admits he’d love to be able to be a gunner like some of his other peers.  James admitted to ESPN Insiders that he’s envious of the offense freedom that his good buddy Kevin Durant enjoys.

“I do get jealous, I’m not gonna lie,” James said, via ESPN Insider Tom Haberstroh(subscription required). “I get jealous sometimes when I look over at KD and he’s like 16-for-32 and then 14-for-34. … Man.”

The efficient James gets things done on an average of 16.1 shots per game.  With James shooting 60% from the field, you have to wonder what he’d average taking an extra four shots per game.

James for his part knows he’d average over 40 points a game if he could take all the shots he really wanted to.

“If you give me 37 shots in a game, I’d have 60…70,” James said earlier this season, viaHaberstroh. “I had [almost] 40 now with 18 shots, I mean … If you give me 37 shots in a game, I’d put up 60. Easy.”

He needed only 18 field-goal attempts to drop a season-high 39 on the Dallas Mavericks on Nov. 15.