LeBron Says Quest For Three-Peat Wearing Down Heat


The Miami Heat have won back-to-back NBA championships, and have appeared in three straight NBA finals. That would leave any team tired and searching for motivation.

For the Heat, the quest has now gotten grueling.

The Miami Heat get everyone’s best shot on a nightly basis, and it’s starting to take a toll on them.  The Heat have lost two straight, and after the teams loss to the Brooklyn Nets on Friday night,  LeBron James admitted that the grind is mentally wearing the Miami Heat down.

“It’s a long and grueling season for all of us, not just us because we’re the champs,” James said after fouling out for only the sixth time in his career and the first time in a regular season game since 2008. “We’ve played a lot of basketball in our four years together. It’s taken a lot of wear and tear on all our bodies. It’s mentally fatiguing. And you just try to find the motivation the best way you can as an individual and as a collective group…

“We’re banged up right now,” James said. “We’re not an excuse team right now, but we’ve got three starters [out]. And even though we’ve got a lot of depth, it’s hard to make up for three starters being out, so we could all use a break for sure.”

I’m sure the Heat will be fine come April, May and June.