LeBron Unsure about Playing in the 2016 Olympics

LBJ Olympics

It seemed a given that the 2016 Men’s Olympic basketball team would have the help of the current best player on the planet, LeBron James, when they take the court to defend their gold medal from 2012. But it appears that might not be the case.

LeBron was included in the 28-man pool of players announced that are invited to compete over the next two summers for a final spot on the 2016 roster. While I’m sure that no matter what happened in these camps, LeBron was going to make the team. But it seems nobody ever considered whether or not James has a desire to play for a 3rd straight gold medal. He elaborated on the topic to Charlie McCarthy of Fox Sports Florida and had this to say when asked about his status for 2016.

“I don’t know where I stand for 2016,” James said before Thursday night’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers. “Obviously, if I’m healthy in 2016 that summer, if I can get to leading our country by playing, then that would be great to be a part of that.

“But I can’t commit to it right now.”

Given the fact that the Miami Heat are continuously making deep playoff runs and the strain that the eventually has to take on your body, it’s certainly plausible that LeBron might choose to pass on the Olympics. There still will be a lot of talent to pick from if he does.