LeSean McCoy: I Wouldn’t Want Richard Sherman On My Team (Audio)


LeSean McCoy is a liar and I’m here to call him out.

Fresh off his second first-team All-Pro selection and a season that saw him lead the NFL in rushing with 1,607 yards, LeSean McCoy is feeling himself.

McCoy, who at times can be the most annoying and drama filled member of the Philadelphia Eagles, says he would pass on the best corner in the game because he talks a lot.

Sound familiar.

McCoy made a guest appearance on Mad Dog Radio’s Evan & Phillips in the Morning to talk everything Super Bowl.  When asked which player he would “never want” on his team for being too annoying, Shady quickly answered, “Sherman,” referring to Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman.

Now this is the same LeSean McCoy who had a party bus incident.  The same Shady McCoy who aired out his baby mama, and called her a bum on Twitter.

The same LeSean McCoy who tolerates the antics of one DeSean Jackson and Cary Williams.    McCoy simply wouldn’t want to share the spotlight with Richard Sherman.