Lindsay Lohan Thinks Sidney Rice Stole Her $75k Fur Coat


Lindsay Lohan was partying at NYC club 1Oak on Wednesday night with a group that included injured Seahawks WR Sidney Rice. After the night was over, she could find her $75,000 fur coat. She thinks she knows who took it though, Sidney Rice. Here are the details:

But early Thursday morning, her dad Michael Lohan called the club and left a message saying part of her two-piece fur coat was missing.

TMZ reported that Lindsay called everyone at her table to see if they had her coat, but wasn’t able to contact Rice.

Here is where the story gets funny though. The club says she didn’t even have a fur coat when she came in the club. A fun fact is this is the same club that Lindsay was accused of stealing a coat in 2008. The club also says that Lohan is banned from the club and snuck in.

Why was Sidney Rice even hanging with Lohan in the first place? She sounds kind of thugish to me.