Lindsey Vonn Wanted a Baby, So Tiger Woods Got Her a Dog

Lindsey Vonn Tiger Woods

Tiger is learning I see.

After paying his ex-wife $110 million, having his reputation dragged through the mud and being humility to the point of having to go to sex rehab, Tiger doesn’t seem that anxious to get remarried or have another baby.

Here is how he handled Lindsey Vonn.

With her Olympic dreams shattered, champion skier Lindsey Vonn began pressing boyfriend Tiger Woods for a baby – but he got her a dog instead, a source says.

The glamour couple’s relationship is going through a rough patch be­cause dad-of-two Tiger is dead-set against having more children, and he doesn’t want any part of Lindsey’s dysfunctional family, the sources add.

“Adopting the dog was Tiger’s sneaky way of delaying Lindsey’s requests to have a baby,”

Rumble…Old Tiger…Rumble

One thought on “Lindsey Vonn Wanted a Baby, So Tiger Woods Got Her a Dog

  • Of course Lindsey wants to have Tiger Wood’s baby, she is a gold digger! She knows how much Elin got from the divorce and she knows how much Elin is getting from child support. Lindsey doesn’t love Eldrick, she loves Eldrick’s money! Eldrick is too blind to see it!

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