Lovie Smith On Revis: “We Have A Place For A Great CB”


I like a few others in the media thought about Darrelle Revis and his place in Tampa Bay after it was announced that Lovie Smith would be the teams new head coach.

Smith is a disciple of the cover two defense which is based of a two deep zone look most of the time.  Revis has made his name and his living being a shutdown corner.

Smith to his credit put that foolishness to bed very fast.

Before his introductory news conference, Smith said, via WDAE, “there are reasons” why Revis is one of the best cornerbacks in football and that there would be “a place for a great cover corner” on a Buccaneers defense that won’t be running Cover 2 on every play.

Revis has 16 million reasons to want to try and fit in with whatever Lovie Smith is running.   Smith, being the great defensive mind he is, would be a fool to not figure out a way to fit Revis into his scheme.