Magic Johnson Lists LeBron And Durant As All-Time Greats, Not Kobe



We are going to have to chalk this up to Magic being really excited and having a brain fart.

Magic Johnson loves to see great basketball played, so anytime there’s a looming matchup, the Hall of Famer goes wild in anticipation.

Magic joined in on the growing buzz for Wednesday night’s matchup between the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder.  LeBron James and Kevin Durant will be on display for a national TV audience.

Magic took to Twitter to talk about the all time greats that have been able to lift a team to victory by carrying them on their back.  Magic added KD to the list, but left out a glaring omission.



Whether he meant to or not, he left one Kobe ‘Bean” Bryant off the list and Lakers fans aren’t happy.

Magic is a Laker at heart and a Laker for life.

So we can just chalk the omission up on the fact that Kobe is an automatic entry on the list.

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  1. Why are the laker fans whining because of an opinion thats crazy he(kobe) may have gotten left out by a mistake stop listening to these fire starting reporters their job is to burn you so you can holla

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