Man Catfishes Dozens of Women By Saying He Plays For Clippers

Chris Fields

The gentleman above goes by the name of Chris Fields (not sure if that is his real name or not). About two weeks ago a young lady contacted me asking did I know a Chris Fields.

I said yes, he plays Wide Receiver for Ohio State and she said no a Chris Fields that plays for the Clippers. Not to stereotype, but sometimes girls get the names mixed up, so I said do you mean Chris Paul?

But, no she was insistent that a Chris Fields just signed a $8 million contract with the Los Angels Clippers even sent me the photo below.

Chris Fields Clippers

Now let me stop right here and say this. I am not mad at Mr. Fields for lying, what shocked me was after some brief investigation he had fooled over a dozen women (probably more, but those are just the ones I found).  There are only 12 players on an NBA roster, it certainly can’t be that hard to Google to find out who plays for the Clippers.  Call me crazy, but a 5 year $8 million contract (FYI since NBA contracts are guaranteed, signing bonuses are rarely put into contracts, also NBA contracts look nothing like that)  giving to someone who has dirty pillows as his Twitter background would have been reported by someone.

It wasn’t even a good catfish attempt, his Twitter account is filled with Tweets to help perpetuate the con (funny how they spelled their own club name wrong).

Chris Fields Clippers 2

Chris Fields Clippers

This isn’t his car.


The Clippers didn’t put him in the Marriott (he deletes a lot of his IG pics once people call him out on the fraud).

I thought maybe Fields was a D-League player or maybe played at some Division IIIIIII college or something, but the reality is he hasn’t played anywhere. From what I can gather he hasn’t played any basketball at all. He often says he will provide free tickets to games for women and then at the last moment backs out in providing them.


His Instagram is private (for reasons you can imagine) and he seems to have created a player out of NBA2K14 and it is working on unsuspecting women.  It also appears to be crew of catfishers who are scamming women claiming to professional ball players and Money Team members (all you need is a hat and Tee to convince people I guess).

fake clippers

Come to find out that Chris is a Nigerian credit card scam artist.  After being exposed Chris locked his Twitter account and starting posting photos of material possession he fraudulently acquired, but no photos of him playing for the Clippers has surfaced.

Bravo, Chris, Bravo. So much irony in these words.


4 thoughts on “Man Catfishes Dozens of Women By Saying He Plays For Clippers

  • Pretty funny, but common mr. littal just put him in the same category as the twodels and call it a day no need to put him on internet blast. If you let the ladies tell it 85% of them are models so what if mr. fields wants to be a twitter clipper with cut and paste contracts let him be.

  • These hoes are stupid. they got what they deserved for being gold diggers. Salute bro.

  • He must be scaming allot of people. i actually somehow actually follow him on on instagram and i can see how they would belive him. he does floss for the gram its like designer everything on his page. i never thought much about it but di qestion like who is this dude.

  • Hey, if broads are dumb enough to fall for it, they deserve it!

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