Marshawn Lynch Wanted To Play QB In College


To be fair, Marshawn Lynch is a hell of an athlete, with a a cannon for an arm.

Lynch is an All Pro running back who goes by the moniker, “Beast Mode,” because of his nasty running style.  Lynch’s offensive coordinator at Cal, George Cortez, told USA Today that Lynch actually wanted to try out for the quarterback position after Aaron Rodgers turned pro in 2004.

“He came up to me in the restroom and says, ‘I want to try out for quarterback this spring,” Cortez told USA TODAY Sports this week. “I said, ‘Marshawn, it’s not Pop Warner. You’re a tailback.'”

The sophomore Lynch went on to gain 3,000 yards from scrimmage and 25 touchdowns over his final two seasons before being drafted No. 12 overall by the Buffalo Bills in 2007.

Cortez says he wasn’t sure if Lynch was serious or not.

“He probably was (serious), because he could throw it a long way,” Cortez said. “He was an incredible athlete, an incredible player.”

I’m not sure if Lynch was serious or not, but he can definitely throw the hell out of a football.  Watch Lynch chuck this ball to a fan 30 rows up in the stands.