Marshawn Lynch Won’t Let Matt Kemp Use “Beast Mode”


Honestly, I always thought “BEAST MODE” came from the Sega Genesis game “Altered Beast”.

But, that is because I am old school. The name has stuck with Marshawn Lynch after his memorable run against the Saints a few years ago.

In a savvy business move he has trademarked the phrase and is making sure no one gets paid from it unless they have his permission and in some cases he just denies them.

Limiting the “Beast Mode” use has made it more valuable, which includes stopping other athletes from being able to use it. Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp started using “Beast Mode” more frequently of late, but when the Dodgers came to Lynch to be able to use the phrase in association with Kemp, Lynch turned it down despite the promise of a $100,000 royalty, Hendrickson said.

I wouldn’t let Matt Kemp use it either, not like he has been playing very beastily lately.