Miami Heat Bans Justin Bieber From Games After Arrest

Justin Bieber Mugshot

After all the drama it looks like the Biebs is going to get off with a parking ticket. He wasn’t speeding and he wasn’t drug (he was probably high, but he wasn’t charged for that).

Biebs is still in Miami having a good time, but won’t be allowed to attend Heat games any time soon.

The Miami Heat reportedly banned pop singer Justin Bieber from their game against the Los Angeles Lakers following his release from jail on Thursday.

A source told E! News that the Heat pulled Bieber’s tickets to Thursday night’s game at the American Airlines Arena in Miami because “they didn’t want the particular brand of attention that his presence would inevitably attract.”

That is a little petty, but since the tickets were probably free, it is their right.

The Heat deny Biebs were banned.

2 thoughts on “Miami Heat Bans Justin Bieber From Games After Arrest

  • Rich white man’s justice. If Justin Bieber was black, well, you know what would have happened!

  • Heat owner tweeted that he is not banned.

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