Middle Schooler Spikes Opponent’s Gatorade With Bleach


Well this is one way to get an advantage over your opponent. A Gaffney Middle School student in Gaffney, SC has been disciplined after admitting to putting a capful of bleach on a cooler of Gatorade. Of course they identified the kid after he was bragging to his friends via text message. Fomr WBTW News in SC:

Cherokee County School Superintendent Dr. Quincie Moore confirms the incident happened Wednesday during a game between GMS and Granard Middle School. Moore says Gaffney Middle School student admitted to putting about a cap-full of bleach into a seven gallon cooler full of Gatorade.

Moore tells 7 On Your Side students and staff from both schools drank from the cooler, but no one reported being sick from the drink.

The kid is lucky that no one got sick or is hurt from the incident. Like most bad ideas, this didn’t go according to plan since both teams drank the Gatorade.

The district will cover any medical costs if someone does get sick.

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  • The kid that did this should be arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon!

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