Mike Wallace Says He Should Have Had 20 More TDs & He’s Being Modest

Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans

I guess if he wasn’t modest he would say he should have had 30 more TDs?

Wallace told the Miami Herald that he thinks if the Dolphins would have had an offense that better used his talents as a deep threat, he could have led the league in touchdown catches, and maybe set a new NFL record.

We have to,” Wallace said. “Definitely have got to get the deep ball going. That’s the difference between winning and losing a couple games. I should have had 15 or 20 more touchdowns. And that’s being modest. If you press me, you have no shot to cover me. Once I get you to stop your feet, it’s over.”

I appreciate his confidence, it sounds like he is taking a shot at the Dolphins offensive coordinator and Tannehill. Wallace didn’t mention how he may have dropped 5-10 TDs this season.