Mike Woodson: “Carmelo Will Keep Fighting Till The Bitter End”

Knicks vs Pacers at Madison Square Garden

That bitter end could be coming soon amid this cold winter.

Mike Woodson says Carmelo Anthony has the blues, and he needs to snap out of it.  Anthony has never missed the playoffs, and reportedly has been disgruntled lately about missing the post-season.

Woodson told the New York Post that he believes his star play is still on board, and that Melo will keep fighting to the very end.

“Melo I think is on board. I know he’s on board,’’ Woodson said emphatically. “Melo’s been a major bright spot for our ballclub. He hasn’t missed any games really and he’s been there every game trying to help us win games. I know he’s there. He’s going to be there to the bitter end if it’s a bitter end. But right now he’s going to be there. I trust he’s going to stay there. we got to make sure everybody else is on board.’’

The conversation about Anthony still being on board stems from Anthony questioning Woodson in the aftermath of a loss where Woodson made no adjustments.