Mike Woodson: “Healthy Knicks Team Can Hang With Heat”

Mike Woodson Fined.

The Knicks are getting healthy, playing better, and speaking really confidently lately.

Head coach Mike Woodson has weathered the storm and seems to have his team playing inspired basketball.  On the heels of his teams for showdown with the Miami Heat this season, Woodson reiterated what other Knicks players have said this season.

Woodson told the New York Post that a healthy Knicks team can hang with the Heat.

“Absolutely and I still believe that, if we could ever get back whole,” Woodson said after a makeshift group of Knicks did whatever it could Wednesday at the team’s practice facility where the bunch was so beat up and sick, there was no formal workout.

“It’s been tough in terms of going out on a night-in and night-out basis and competing. I’m not taking anything away from the players who have been consistently in uniform for us, but it’s hard to judge our team,” Woodson said.