Mike Woodson Is Confident Carmelo Will Retire A Knick


Mike Woodson admitted recently that he’s “concerned” some of the things that have transpired with the Knicks this season could lead to Carmelo Anthony leaving for good.

Nevertheless, Woodson said he believes Anthony will retire in a Knicks uniform.

“You’re concerned,” Woodson said on ESPN New York radio Wednesday. “But Melo’s wearing a Knick uniform. I think Melo loves playing in New York. He’s been one of the bright spots this year. He’s been solid all the way through our ups and downs this year. To me, that’s the sign of a true pro.

“We are starting to get back healthy. We are playing a little bit better. As far as Melo leaving New York, in my heart I don’t think that’s going to happen. I think Melo’s going to retire a New York Knick. That’s just my own personal belief.”

The trade deadline is Feb. 20 and The Knicks don’t want to move Anthony.