Mike Woodson Says He’s On Team LaLa



Mike Woodson needs Carmelo Anthony to stay a Knick, so it definitely meant a lot to him to hear  LaLa Anthony come out and say she believes her husband will re-up with the Knicks.

Woodson told ESPN radio in New York that he loved LaLa’s declaration that Carmelo would stay in New York.

“I love it,” Woodson said Wednesday on his regular ESPN New York radio spot about La La’s Anthony’s declaration this week that she believes her husband is “definitely” staying a Knick. “I’m saying the same thing. I think he’s going to stay. I want him to stay. I think New York fans, they need him here.

“These past three years, the way he’s played, has been tremendous. If he ends his career here, I don’t think he’ll ever look back and say ‘If I shoulda or coulda.’… I just think Melo was built for New York. I hope he stays here as well.”

Woodson did stress that only Carmelo can make the ultimate decision.

“When his wife comes out and says that, and the coach says ‘I think he should stay here…’” Woodson deadpanned. “At the end of the day, he’ll make the right decision for he and his family.”

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