Miss U.S. 2012 Going From Pageants to MMA (Photos)

Female MMA is blowing up and fighters are coming from all walks of life. The latest is still raw but Whitney Miller, former Miss United States, is taking up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in hopes of obtaining her black belt.

Miss US Whitney Miller -5

Whitney has an athletic background, she competed as a professional wake boarder during her teens. Here’s a video explaining why the former beauty queen is switching to combat sports.

8 thoughts on “Miss U.S. 2012 Going From Pageants to MMA (Photos)

  • So a couple of Anna Kournikova clones are going to enter MMA in hopes of obtaining money and fame (And possibly a rich husband). Meanwhile the toughest, most feared female fighter(Cyborg) is being blacklisted by several MMA agencies. Gee I wonder why?

    • Probably because of the failed drug tests….

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